Version 2: Little Miss Edit

  • bzzzz bzzzz beat
  • stress beat
  • Runna' Beat
  • Mister E
  • Ballad seok jin

[They are in order.]

Version 3: Sunrise Edit

Incredibox Beat1

The colour theme of this is green.

  • beat bath
  • tuchi tuchi beat
  • clarp
  • bom bass
  • carlp

[They are in order.]

Version 4: The Love Edit

Beats transparent

The transparent version.

The colour theme of this version's Beats are yellow.

  • Daft Punk 
  • Tounch  
  • Teefree  
  • Tips  
  • Hay Shades  

[They are in order.]

Trivia Edit

  • These names are fan made. If you want, you can improve them.
  • The Helmet Guy is a reference to an character from the music video, "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk.
  • 3 Sweeps and Jersey Scratch, when played together, will make scratches at the same time.
    • Guy-Manuel is a reference of the Gold Mask's real name, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

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