This is a list of beats.

Version 1: Alpha Edit

The beats aren't colored. But however they are faded from red to yellow.

  • The first beat beatboxes and makes a bass sound.
  • The second beat does a different variety of beatboxing.
    Alpha Beats Incredibox
  • The third beat makes clicking sounds.
  • The fourth beat makes popping sounds.
  • The last beat goes "dugadewdugadewdugadew" at the end of the loop.

Version 2: Little Miss Edit

The color theme of Little Miss's beats is black, but the symbols are faded from dark green to light green.

  • The first is wearing a cap that is pointing left, and wears an open hoodie
    Incredibox V2 Beats
    . His sound plays once for the first round of the loop, and plays twice for the second one. The sound he makes sounds like a steam pounder. The sound he makes is: 'Boom boom boom...'
    • The noise he makes could be a reference to the beat in "Drop It Like It's Hot" because they sound similar, but that's not original.
  • The second is wearing an open collar button shirt. His sound is the same for both loops. The sound he makes sounds like 'Cha. Chik-cha-fpt Cha. Chick-cha.'
  • The third is wearing a hoodie. Unlike the first beat person, his hoodie is a sweater. The inside of the hood is visible. His noise is slightly low quality.
  • The fourth is wearing an open sweater like shirt, with a dot on the side. He beatboxes.
  • The last is wearing a neck-tie shirt similar to the fourths one. He takes a deep breath, and makes a sound of: 'Bo-do-do-do-docahhh.... Doom doom doom.'

Version 3: Sunrise Edit

Incredibox Beat1

The color theme of Sunrise's beats is green.

  • The first has a bandana, headphones, and a backpack. He beatboxes and sounds like 'ch-ka-ch, ch-kaka-ch'.
  • The second has a hoodie and baseball cap. He makes a bass drum sound.
  • The third has a backwards hat, sunglasses, and a tank top over a black t-shirt. He makes a snare sound.
  • The fourth guy wears ski goggles and a hoodie, and beatboxes.
  • The fifth wears what look like 3D glasses, and has a scarf as well. He beatboxes by inhaling and exhaling, and making cymbal impressions.

Version 4: The Love Edit

Beats transparent

The transparent version.

The color theme of this version's Beats are yellow.

  • The first has a robot outfit similar to that of the daft punk band. He makes a bass drum sound. 
  • The second has a baseball cap on, and headphones around his neck. He makes a digital snare sound.  
  • The third has a fedora, sunglasses, and a scarf. He makes a bell sound.  
  • The fourth wears headphones and a t-shirt. He makes a cymbal sound by going 'tip'.  
  • The final guy wears a straw hat hat, sunglasses, and a small jacket. He makes an exhaling sound at the beginning of the verse, followed by a quick little scat. Then he makes two scats together and the last scat will go before the exhaling sound.

Version 5: Brazil Edit

The color of Brazil's beats is yellow.

  • The first is wearing a fowards-cap with a symbol on it. He has a vest and a "watch" on his wrist. He makes a drumstick sound. He makes a classical beat, similar to Sunrise.
  • The second is wearing glasses, and something on it. He is wearing a bandana. He makes a clicking sound with no "mmm mmm" sounds like in the original.
  • The third is wearing a sweat band on his head. He is wearing a sports shirt. The sound he makes is "chik-chik-ka chik-chik-kakakaka"
  • The fourth is wearing a hat, and a tanktop. He makes inhaling sounds.
  • The fifth is wearing a visor. He is wearing a hoodie and a necklace. He makes a lot of clicking sounds.

Version 6: Alive Edit

The color for the beats are navy blue.

  • The first one is wearing a hat with the japan flag that grows whenever he makes a beat. He is wearing a bandana with a scarf-like thing on it. He does a kick sound. Unlike the others, he makes beats in a pattern.
  • The second is wearing a hat. He makes a t-t-t sound with a snare,
  • The third is wearing a bear hat with a cape on it. The bears eyes light up. He has a pill t-shirt. He makes "dom-dom-ku-dom" sounds.
  • The fourth is wearing a Japanese mask. He wears a suit. He makes clicking sounds.
  • The fifth is wearing a visor. He has two things wrapped around him. He makes "dom-dom dom-dom dom-dom" sounds at the end of every loop.