Incredibox is a website that you can use to mix music. It currently has 6 versions.

V1: The Original Edit

The Original version of Incredibox, also being the first. Released in 2009, and later remastered in 2018.

V1: Alpha Edit

The first version of incredibox, remastered. Slight sound changes have been made.

V2: Little MissEdit

Three years later, V2: Little Miss came out. It kept the monochromatic color scheme of the original, but had four categories (Beats, Effects, Melodies, and Voices). In the PC version, the icons are multicolored, but in the app, they are grey. It also has three bonuses.

V3: Sunrise Edit

Sunrise was released in 2013. It has colors. It has green beats, blue effects, red melodies, and yellow voices

V4: The Love Edit

The Love was released in 2014. It's Inspired By Modern Music. It has yellow beats, light blue effects, red melodies, and dark blue voices.

V5: Brazil Edit

Brazil was released in 2016. It is unique because it is inspired by Brazilian music specifically. It is also exclusive to the Incredibox app. It has yellow beats, blue effects, green melodies, and red voices. boi


V6: Alive Edit

Alive is the newest edition of Incredibox, released in 2018. It seems to be heavily inspired by Japanese music. It is also exclusive to the app, and currently has three bonuses. It has blue beats, purple effects, red melodies, and orange voices.