This is the list of Melodies.

Version 1: Alpha Edit

For this one, I will do the new ones.

  • The first one goes: Bah-bo-buh bada buh-badow in a slightly altered voice
  • The second one makes dew dum dew dum do-do do-do noises.

Version 2: Little Miss Edit

The color of the melodies are faded from blue to teal.

  • The first is wearing a scarf. and a forwards fedora like all the others, He emits the sound of many nanas The nanas change on the second loop.
  • The second is wearing a pendant necklace. He is wearing an open necktie with what possibly could be another shirt underneath.  He has rolled up sleeves. If you look closely his mouth is a little different. He makes the sound in a high pitched form: "Beda-bedeh-buh. Beh-da bu-be dudu-eh."
  • The third is wearing a bandanna with black rolled up sleeves. He whistles the tune "Why this world".
  • The fourth is also wearing an open neck-tie. It has 2 layers. He emits the sound: "Da-de-daduh-da-deh" that changes in pitch.
  • The fifth is wearing a suit, with no tie. He makes a trumpet like sound 13 times.

Version 3: Sunrise Edit

Version 4 Edit

  • The first melody is a guy with retro glasses. He makes a noise that sounds like the word 'bloom' repeatedly. It fades into digital sounds toward the end of the verse.
  • The second is a guy in a captain's hat, with floaties on his arms. He sings gibberish in a high-pitched voice. The song is identical for the first three times, but changes on the fourth.
  • The third guy has a visor, jacket, and striped shirt. He says 'owm' in a digitally altered voice.
  • The fourth guy has a beanie, t-shirt, and sunglasses. He says 'hoo' in a high-pitched voice over and over.
  • The final guy has a tie, jacket, and what resembles officer glasses. He sings in a digitally altered voice.