Since the original Incredibox has different categories for it's sounds, they will be listed here rather than the main sound pages.

Instruments Edit

The first instument is a guy saying 'noo, nunga-nunga' multiple times. The second is a guy saying 'ow, ow-wow', and the third is a guy imitating a trumpet.

Percussions Edit

The first percussion is simply beatboxing and some bass. The second is a different variety of beatboxing. The third is clicking sounds.

Effects Edit

There are four different effects - a guy who says 'noo' repeatedly, which gets louder and turns to 'nah', a guy who imitates record scratches, a guy who does popping sounds, and a guy who trills.

Chorus Edit

There are only two chorus members. One does a simple melodic 'hahh', and the other hums melodically.

Voices Edit

On of the voices says "I can get you everything you wanted to because I know." The other says "You, tell me the right things, to do."

Trivia Edit

  • The guys in the original have shorter hair than the other versions.
  • The icons for the Chorus members resemble apples.