Brazil Edit

Brazil is the 5th version of Incredibox. It it an exct has 5 beats, 5 effects, 5 melodies and 5 voices. The yellow ones are the beats. The blues are the effects. The greens are the melodies and the red ones are the voices.

Bonus UnlockEdit

1st Bonus - Simply, drag the 1st and 3rd beats to the 2 guys. Add the 1st and 5th effects to the 2 guys. Finally, add the 1st voice to the guy

2nd Bonus - Simply, drag the 1st and 4th beats to the 2 guys. Drag the 4th effect, 3rd melody and 2nd voice to the 3 guys.

3rd Bonus - Simply, drag the 1st and 5th beats to the 2 guys. Then add the 2nd effect and the 4th melody to the 2 guys. And finally, add the 4th voice to the guy. (and i have not showered in 1 year) ((it's true)) (((moans loud)))

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