Here is the list of Voices.

Version 1: Alpha Edit

For this I will do the new ones.

  • The new one says: "You can beg me if you want it. You can beg me.

Version 2: Little Miss Edit

The color of the voices are faded from purple to pink.

  • The first is wearing a fedora, like most of them. He is wearing a suit with a bowtie. He makes the sound: "Woaw. Hoaah. Huuhh. Laaa-looww." in a gentlemen way.
  • The second is wearing a suit with a tie. He makes a sound: "Coo-hoo coo-hoo coo-hoo coo-hoo coo-hoo coo-hoo." and changes pitch.
  • The third is wearing an open suit with a tie also. He makes a whistling noise like its a funeral and changes pitch slightly for the first loop, and changes pitch three times at the second.
  • The fourth is wearing a side cap [no not like the effects people], and glasses. He is wearing a neck-tie. He says: "Is it-is it... what you got for me?" and says it slower the second time.
  • The last is wearing a patterned shirt. He makes the noise: "You like-art-are-ark-homp-hock-hio-hiko-he-hot" basically calling you "hot" and the second time: "Boo-wasp-coming-to-you-yes-i-a-grownup.

Version 3: Sunrise Edit

The color of this versions voices are yellow. 

  • The first is wearing something tied around his head, and wears glasses. He is wearing a zip shirt. Most people refer him making the sound: 'Hey! Oh Yeah! Oh Yes!'
  • The second is wearing a fedora with a buckle. He is wearing an open sweater suit. He emits a sound very similar to the firsts. For the first, he just makes a noise. For the second, he says "I'm glad you finally run" or "I'm glad you fully rise".
  • The third is wearing glasses, like the first.  He is wearing an open sweater suit too, but with something wrapped on him. He says "All over." for the first loop and says "All over the world" at the half second loop.
  • The fourth is wearing a side hat. He seems to be wearing a sort of shirt vest, with a poket. He says "You gotta put some clothes on!" before it is cut out for every half loop.
  • The last is wearing large spectacle like glasses. He is wearing a suit, with a hankerchief like thing stuffed in his neck. He is wearing no sleves. He says "Sunrise... Over your head." for the first loop. and just says sunrise for the second loop.

Version 4: The Love Edit

The color of this versions voices are a dark blue.

  • The first guy wears a backwards baseball cap, sunglasses, and a necklace with a pixelated heart on the end. He sings, "Yeah, with a feeling so funny!" twice, then "Yeah, with a feeling so funny, you gotta go with me, Yeah, with a feeling so funny!"
  • The second guy wears a bucket hat and a tropical shirt. He sings, "Chillin'" in a digitally altered voice three times at the beginning at each half-loop.
  • The third guy wears a fedora-like hat with a feather, and quietly sings "Yeah!" every half-loop.
  • The fourth guy wears a hoodie with a lightning bolt on it, sunglasses, and a yellow headband. He sings in a muffled voice twice, then changes on the third half-loop.
  • The fifth guy wears a blue headband, circular glasses, and hippie-like clothing. He scats.

Incredibox V5: BrazilEdit

Incredibox V6: AliveEdit

The color of the voices are orange.

  • The first characted is wearing a backwards cap. The cap has an eye on it. He is wearing a pendant necklace. His shirt has a triangle on it, which could refer to the bonus: Your Mind. He says: "You better hurry. No, better. Better. Yeah. Hurreh hurreh!"
  • The second is wearing eagle eye glasses. His hoodie has crazy designs on it. He says: 'If I already do.. I still work in on my skill!"
  • The third is wearing a while orange striped headband, His shirt has gold and blue stripes, and has pokets. He says: "YOoooooohh.. My control."
  • The fourth is wearing a cat mask that has inverted eyes. The pattern he wears on his shirt is orange crimson dark blue and teal. He laughs but singing.
  • The final is wearing glasses with the reflection of bright blue and dark blue. His hoodie has the patterns maroon orange and an orangish red. He makes the noise: "Wah-oh-wa-oh.. Ouh-ho-hoho-ho."